Windows 10 ARM devices with fullblown Windows 10 are coming soon.

Windows 10 ARM devices with fullblown Windows 10 are coming soon.

23 thoughts on “Windows 10 ARM devices with fullblown Windows 10 are coming soon.

  1. They might need a bigger ditch (where all the last ones ended up – nope – no donations to the underprivileged). On the other hand, they did update my two ARM based Surface RT tablets just last night. Personally, I am happy they are not Win 10, and FWIW, they do work great (I test “not fun to write” code on them). I know two kids that went through college using them. Very cheap on eBay last time I looked.

  2. Joe C. Hecht – These devices are not Windows Workstations for sure. The difference between the old RT tablets and the new ARM based Windows 10 machines – is that they run native x86 apps too, using the a similar kind of WoW emulation that Win64 uses to run Win32.

  3. Ah – now I see. The Exagear is an emulator that emulates x86 for the entire OS you install. That differs from the Windows 10 for ARM, where the OS actually is running natively on ARM64.

  4. Lars Fosdal ask them. I own some copies and have tried it, but not recently. Its not a seemles process (PITA), but it does work. IIRC (did I disclaim it has been awhile), your gonna WINE your way in. But I was impressed, and, IIRC I threw it a Delphi application as well.

    People get all sorts of apps going with it (Skype, games, office!).

    I have tried it on a RasPi, ODROID C2 and XU4, and (oh my) a Jetson TX-1 with 4gb ram and it was fast.

    (plug I got a brand new TX-1 in a sealed box I want to sell cheap).

  5. Philip Rowney What kind of cloudbook? An old ATOM one? Those are s..l..o..w.

    The new Windows 10 on ARM devices are not here yet, so it is a bit early too pass judgement on performance.

  6. Philip Rowney I have been flashing quite a few android devices with UBPorts (the new forked Ubuntu Touch). After getting Lazarus installed, I am starting to acually like it. Its a bit of an adjustment, but getting a Delphi like IDE on a phone or tablet, and plugging it into a monitor and keyboard, and writing an app… that’s cool. I hear mussings that KDE Plasma Mobile is not dead either. I have hopes. One app is pretty fair sized too. A PDF viewer and editor from 100% source. The UI is still a bit goofy, but its getting there