2 thoughts on “What is the status on Berlin 10.

  1. the fixes for Win10 for Creators base Edition went in for 10.1.2. (we properly optimise the imports) BUT MS has also from their side fixed the loading problem in the Fall edition aka 1709. So 10.2.0 (and previous versions) should be OK. The OS DLL loading behaviour has changed though, MOST DLLs are loaded twice, I have not checked what criteria the loaded uses to load a DLL twice. It seems it has something to do with new security features in the OS. The DLL gets loaded and then immediately unloaded, (the startup code is not loaded, so it appears to be some data load, I think they scan the export/imports table) there after the DLL will be loaded as normal. Now the OS does this for some of its own DLLs too which is puzzling, but I am sure there is someone out there who knows why.