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  1. Honestly, Lars, after watching Twitter erupt in fury at his antics, yet again, I have come to believe Kanye West is having mental health issues. He’s had issues of this sort before.

    Just down the road from me is Fall Creek, Wisconsin. It’s home to Bon Iver == Justin Vernon. Kanye West brought him in to do some work. Kanye, when he’s okay, is an intense, bright guy. Genius? I don’t know.

    Fame does things to people. Justin Vernon and Steve Carey are local guys and everyone was pissed when the weirdos started turning up in Fall Creek, looking for Justin’s studio. They ended up having to put security on the studio. Well, Lennon and Bowie wrote a song about Fame: “What you need you have to borrow.” And they would know.

    Kanye is in trouble, mentally and emotionally. Big trouble. Someone’s going to have to intervene, pretty soon here. He’s just not coping and the racists are rejoicing as Kanye melts down in public. I can’t stay mad at this guy. Something’s going very, very wrong.

  2. Dan Weese I agree. Something is out of wack, and I think living your life in public scrutiny is part of it. The same goes for the Kardashian clan. It’s just not good for your mental health to expose yourself in that way.