Learn BlockChain principles with CryptoKitties

cryptokittyCryptoKitties has done a great job of demonstrating what blockchains can be used for beyond just simple financial transactions.

It’s basically a game for buying, selling, and breeding digital cats. Each cat has a unique appearance that is defined by its genes, and when you breed 2 cats together, their genes combine in a unique way to produce an offspring, which you can then breed or sell.

Source code: https://ethfiddle.com/09YbyJRfiI


We are looking for an experienced Delphi developer for a permanent position in our Industrial IT team at TINE SA,…

We are looking for an experienced Delphi developer for a permanent position in our Industrial IT team at TINE SA, Norway’s largest dairy product company.

About TINE: https://www.tine.no/english

Language and Location requirements

You must be able to speak/read/write Norwegian and English fluently, and be able to work at TINE’s offices at Kalbakken in Oslo.

Coding skills you need

– Modern Delphi OOP code with generics and attributes

– Delphi VCL / Windows APIs / FireDAC

– MS SQL Server T-SQL and SQL queries in general

– Basic http/tcp/udp networking

– XML/JSON knowledge

Coding skills that would be nice

– Delphi FireMonkey on iOS/Android


– MS PowerShell


Bonus skills that come in handy

– Datawarehousing and big data

– IoT (the buzz, the hype, the stuff that works)

– Knowledge of the various aspects of Logistics and exchanging information between actors (GS1)

– Jira/SVN/git experience

Person skills we really appreciate

– Open and honest and not afraid to speak your mind

– Able to communicate clearly in writing

– Works well with others and can take and give positive feedback

– Willing to learn and adapt, as well as share and mentor

– Able to focus on and prioritize tasks, putting need before cool/fun

You have been programming for a while and can document your experience.

Please send your questions to

lars.fosdal (at) http://tine.no

Please note: Official posting will come later.