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Converting nearly every type to another type in .NET

“.NET does not provide a generic way for conversions across all types. Even the base types are not handled the same way. And not all possible conversions across the base types are supported. We had a look at the different techniques and ended up with the UniversalTypeConverter as a generic solution filling the gaps and with some useful options on top.

Maybe, it is a historical thing that TypeConverter is not used on all types. But this is definitely the way to go if you want to provide your own types being convertible.”

Source: Universal Type Converter – CodeProject

Delegates in C# for beginners

Delegates in C# for beginners

“Delegates as a technical concept in C# create a lot of confusion in the beginner’s mind. It is a fairly simple concept, but most of the examples floating around on the web are so trivial that they do not expose the real benefits of delegates.”


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