Generic Command Line Parser for Delphi 10.3.x

You know the feeling. You need a specific input from your command line, but you can’t find something lightweight that does the job. Hence, the FDC.CommandLine was born.

You can use – / or + as a switch, and use : or = as a flag for parameters.

You can use single and double quotes to be able to parse parameters that contain spaces and quotes.
/quoteoftheday:”This is a ‘quoted’ parameter”

It also supports lists of parameters.
/inputfiles:(file1.txt , “file with space.txt”)

Take a look at the TestFDCCommandLine.dpr for more examples of how it works.

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All Knowledge/Science Should Be Open!!

All Knowledge/Science Should Be Open!!


Back in 2000 as my frustration with a graduate program that I had nearly completed, reached an all time high, I bailed and decided to change careers and focus on Linux and open source. I believed that this philosophy of sharing knowledge under a paradigm where those who improve the knowledge are expected to return those improvements back to the community had the potential to change the world far beyond software development. 17 years later and we have “open science”, “open government” and of course “open access” which promotes the open sharing/access to scientific knowledge.

“In what European science chief Carlos Moedas calls a “life-changing” move, E.U. member states today agreed on an ambitious new open-access (OA) target. All scientific papers should be freely available by 2020, the Competitiveness Council—a gathering of ministers of science, innovation, trade, and industry—concluded after a 2-day meeting in Brussels. But some observers are warning that the goal will be difficult to achieve.”