MS Bergensfjord makes a U-turn in Langesund

MS Bergensfjord makes a U-turn in Langesund

The Colin Archer in the foreground is a former Coast Guard Rescue Boat.

Google failed to keep the entire compilation in one piece, so I manually created the gif from a series of single shots from my Nexus 4, by uploading at – which explains the lack of stabilization.

I guess I should try to find a better vantage point, and bring my Nikon + tripod 🙂

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Staying on the Straight and Narrow

Staying on the Straight and Narrow

This sequence was generated from individual shots taken every two seconds on my Nexus 4, while driving a farm land detour route from the main E18 through Vestfold, Norway, last Tuesday. Speed limit 70 km/h (approx 43 mph).  Kinda nice scenery – but I prefer the main highway and it’s 110 km/h (70 mph).  The gif is rather large at 8Mb.

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