Mssql extension adds Object Explorer and IntelliCode to VS Code

Pretty neat stuff, although the SQL command line still is a bit “raw”.  Going to explore how this combines with git versioning, because proper VCS for SQL is important!

The mssql extension for Visual Studio Code is the official SQL Server extension that supports connections to SQL Server and adds a rich editing experience for T-SQL in Visual Studio Code.

Source: Mssql extension for Visual Studio Code now has Object Explorer and IntelliCode – SQL Server Blog

FireDAC – MSSQL – Stored Proc context details?

FireDAC – MSSQL – Stored Proc context details?

Without adding parameters to the stored procedure, is it possible to pass / push more process context info than what MSSQL already has in sp_who?

In particular: client app processid and thread id

Any optional connection parameter or similar?

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