The Super Moon and the Super Zoom.

The Super Moon and the Super Zoom.

This is optical zoom only – I’ve disabled the digital zoom. I need a better tripod and head. The voices are myself and my son. Taken from the garden terrasse.

The camera struggled to refocus for a bit, after I zoomed all the way out and back in again – but eventually found it’s focus.

Nikon Coolpix #P900 #video

A torch in the sky

A torch in the sky
Every year, they build this incredible bonfire at Slinningen, near Ålesund, Norway. Arvid Hjelm shot this with his 3DRobotics X8+ Drone. He also shot a sequence later the same evening.

In 2010 they set a world record height of 40 meters.  
This year’s stack wasn’t quite as tall – but definitively high enough!
Photage from the ground in 2010

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