110 Years Expansion Of Crab Nebula

110 Years Expansion Of Crab Nebula

I’m not very present here, these days, because I’m putting effort into some working projects.

However, I wish to share this breathtaking “110 Years Expansion Of Crab Nebula”, taken by Peter Rosén on March 29, 2017 @ Centra Stockholm, Sweden.

Read some details that author gives us about his work:
“The Crab Nebula, or M1, is the expanding remains of a supernova that exploded in the year 1054.
I have assembled 5 images that span at least 110 years, possibly more. I have then adjusted the luminosity and contrast so that the images would match as closely as possible and I have used the Hubble image for the color component of all 5 images in the animation.
It is interesting to note the bright star up to the right that has moved by quite a distance. Its proper motion is about 0.25 arc seconds/year.”

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