AR Smart Glasses Go CPU-Free With New DigiLens Crystal

AR Smart Glasses Go CPU-Free With New DigiLens Crystal, frameless and CPU-less smart glasses arriving in 2019 at under $500 (£395).

With no CPU of its own, DigiLens Crystal smart glasses weigh “less than three ounces,” Chris Pickett, CEO of DigiLens told Tom’s Hardware. Instead of saddling the smart glasses with a processor, DigiLens developed a way for the hardware to use a smartphone connected via a USB-C port for power, video and running apps.,38300.html

Chinese Nreal shows off 3-ounce mixed reality smart glasses

nreal-light-2VentureBeat: Nreal raises $15 million and shows off its 3-ounce mixed reality smart glasses.

The Nreal Light claims its display has a 52-degree field of view, 1080p resolution for vivid 3D graphics, and low latency, which, when combined with spatial sound, voice interactions, and haptic-feedback controllers with up to 3 degrees of freedom (DoF), offers an immersive mixed reality experience. That’s pretty high-end compared to other augmented reality (AR) glasses on the market, but you do have the inconvenience of having to connect via a USB-C wire to an external computing pack. Most of the computing is done in the pack.