Helgelands finest place

Helgelands finest place
The glacier Svartisen with the lake Flatisvatnet in the foreground. This is the nicest place I know about, what is your finest place?
Svartisen-Saltfjellet National Park, Helgeland – Norway


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“The Trolls of Trollholmsund” Porsanger – Norway

“The Trolls of Trollholmsund” Porsanger – Norway

Are the names of the unusual dolomite stone formations that have given this place its name.

I took this photo just before sunset, at 01:39 in the morning! Gotta love the midnight sun up in the north! 🙂
From my photo essay: http://tiboine.com/2013/11/30/trollene-i-trollholmsund

An ancient Lappish legend tells the story of a group of trolls who wandered down from the moors of Finnmarksvidda. They were carrying a chest of gold and silver. When they came to Porsanger they wanted to enter the cliff and started to dig caves in it. But they couldn´t make the caves big enough and wandered further on.

The trolls came to a headland and had to cross the fjord in order to reach the other side. But by this time the sun was rising. They had to drop the chest they were carrying. And before they could go into hiding, the sun shone on them and they were turned to stone.


Arctic Winterlight #2

Arctic Winterlight #2
Northern Norway

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