A Seattle Runaway

A Seattle Runaway

My colleague was just doing the normal edit, F9, break, edit, F9, etc – when this happened.  The compiler went runaway and found a lot of errors! In fact, it didn’t run out of errors – but kept finding them until

he killed  #10Seattle . 


After a restart and a F9 – no errors and ran as expected.

Naturally, it is impossible to reproduce on demand.

Cosmic ray bit flipping? Random data in uninitialized buffers? Aliens?

The curse of the Project.res file

The curse of the Project.res file

We’ve switched to #10Seattle for our production code, and we had a lot of “fun” figuring out why our FinalBuilder produced .exe files did not run, but stopped with “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.”  It turned out that FB8 used a default manifest from RS which looked looked like this




So – we tinkered with the settings and asked FB8 to load the manifest from the resource file. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It was not there.  It turned out that you had to compile locally, then commit the .res file to make the manifest appear. 

The Project.res files are always a bit of an annoyance, and we are perhaps a bit inconsequent how we resolve a conflict on SVN update – use local, or use theirs.  This means that it is a bit iffy what actually survives in the .res file.  In the end, we’ve ended up making individual .manifest.xml files for each app – and explicitly include it in the FinalBuilder configs.  This means that if we make modifications to the manifest somehow, we need to upload that file separately.

The .res file conflicts are a worse problem than two people making changes to a .dfm – as the .dfm is text and can be resolved – while the .res file in binary and not human readable.

It really is beyond me why there is no Project.rc file which includes 





and so forth.

That way, the .res file would be a compile-time thing (or even a thing of the past) – and the resource linker would assemble the various bits from their individual sources.

It would probably make it way easier for Finalbuilder to dig into the resources and/or override where needed and it would certainly make the VCS .res file conflicts a thing of the past.

Problems with #10Seattle registration?

Problems with  #10Seattle  registration?

Did anybody else see any problems with the registration of their RAD Studio or Delphi installation?

I just discovered that it has registered my installation to a different email address than my EMBT registered one.  It seems it has used my MS Outlook email address, which is the one that my Windows installation is linked with.  

Does any of you see a “wrong” email address on Help|About?