Problems with #10Seattle registration?

Problems with  #10Seattle  registration?

Did anybody else see any problems with the registration of their RAD Studio or Delphi installation?

I just discovered that it has registered my installation to a different email address than my EMBT registered one.  It seems it has used my MS Outlook email address, which is the one that my Windows installation is linked with.  

Does any of you see a “wrong” email address on Help|About?

13 thoughts on “Problems with #10Seattle registration?

  1. Do you have the same email address for your registration and your update subscription? That might be the issue. I really doubt we’d even looked for emails in the system, rather than asking…


  2. Marco Cantù – I get my update subscription keys/links from one of my colleagues – so I am sure that it is not associated that way – as then it would have been my address.

    When I look in License Manager, the XE8 license says:

    This License Activates:

    Delphi XE8 Enterprise 

    Delphi 10 Seattle Enterprise 

    HTML5 Builder 

    C++Builder XE8 Enterprise with Mobile 

    C++Builder 10 Seattle Enterprise with Mobile 

    InterBase XE7 ToGo Edition 1 User 

    InterBase XE7 Developer IDE 

    RAD Studio 10 Seattle Enterprise 

    I am still miffed that this is not reflected in my EMBT Registered Licenses on the web, though.


  3. Got a response:

    “The details in the Help | About are not related to the registration of the product.  It is based on the information associated with your operating system.” – which I guess makes “This product is licensed to:” somewhat misleading


    “the 10 Seattle license is part of the XE8 subscription and therefore will not show in the registered products list.  This is as designed.”

    which leaves me with only one concern – the Seattle related download I did not have access to (site is down right now, so can’t recheck).


  4. “FireMonkey Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio 10 Seattle – Customize your multi-device applications with ten premium FireMonkey styles. Choose from Jet, Sterling, Diamond, Emerald Crystal, Emerald Dark, Coral Crystal, Coral Dark, …”  


  5. Michael Riley Not sure what the difference is.  There actually was the word “Test” in front of “FireMonkey Premium” – but since I can’t download, I can’t check it out 🙂


  6. I did.  I forgot to uninstall Aitana before installing 10 Seattle.  It wouldn’t let me register.  I then uninstalled Aitana but it still wouldn’t let me register.  Apparently it picked up some licensing files from Aitana, so I had to uninstall and then reinstall 10 Seattle and that finally worked.


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