12 thoughts on “The Dragon Fly

  1. They are a bit more drowsy at this time of year, and if you pick up a twig or straw with one on, they will usually climb onto your fingers/hand without any aggression.  I’ve done that dozens of times. It is perhaps a bit different if they come in for an attack – but usually they are quite skittish and tend to avoid people?

  2. In my boonies experience, there are some painful biters out there! Everybody knows sweat bees and the like. In my experience lady bugs, carpenter bees, dragon and horseflies will make you invent new expletives. Ladybugs are the. Worst, you can’t hear them and people never kill them. They try to scoop them up and shoo them outside- then blammo!! “Did not know ladybugs bit you!!”.

  3. kevin Deal The Ladybugs we’ve got here, can’t bite hard enough to penetrate skin – but the insects are different in the various climate zones.  They are bigger and/or more poisonous in temperate zones – compared to up here in the cold north.  I know only a few that can have painful bites: A quite large ant(Camponotus herculeanus),  the European Garden spider (Araneus diadematus), the Horse botfly, and various members of the Tabanidae family. Most of our other biting or drilling bug(gers) are just annoying – wasps and bees aside.