Call for Community help: Sorting priorities

Call for Community help: Sorting priorities

Given that we are a large group of people, doing very varied work – lets get the gist of where we would like to see EMBT have the technical focus for the coming versions by doing a poll.

We do the poll with a proper anonymous polling tool and publish the  results, so that noone feel they have to give up their privacy or vote with the party line. Suggestions for a good, reliable polling tool that can’t be manipulated, are welcomed.

I request that we stay away from SKU definitions, prices, upgrade policies, and everything else that reeks of pointy haired boss.

This is where I need the community spirit!  

We should try to keep the poll relatively short – so we need to limit the options.

My suggestions to get the discussion going:

1. My primary Delphi use

ISV, Corporate dev, Contractor, Hobbyist, …?

2. My current SKU

AppMethod, Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Architect 

3. What do you write in Delphi?

Categories: Components, Libraries, Utility UI, CRUD UI, Data crunching, Reporting, Games, Graphics, Web, …?  Can we manage to keep this list down to a managable number?

4. Where do you use Delphi?

Platforms: Win32, Win64, Android, iOS, OSX

5. What is your biggest challenge?

IDE Stability, Debugger Stability, Compiled Code Quality, Library Quality, Lack of API support, Lack of platform support?

6-n. What do you want in the next Delphi versions

Here I think we need to create sub categories, such perhaps broken down by the previous options. Is it possible to make a poll that lets the votee prioritize the options?

Should some of these sections go? What else should be in there?  Let’s spend a couple of weeks refining this, before we create the poll and spread it as widely as possible. Note that I am not a poll making specialist – so keeping it sane will require the effort of the group.

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