A Seattle Runaway

A Seattle Runaway

My colleague was just doing the normal edit, F9, break, edit, F9, etc – when this happened.  The compiler went runaway and found a lot of errors! In fact, it didn’t run out of errors – but kept finding them until

he killed  #10Seattle . 


After a restart and a F9 – no errors and ran as expected.

Naturally, it is impossible to reproduce on demand.

Cosmic ray bit flipping? Random data in uninitialized buffers? Aliens?

15 thoughts on “A Seattle Runaway

  1. Exactly this happened to me using XE8 Enterprise  this week-  bizarre and annoying.  So its not just a 10S problem.  The project was 3 units, only about 800 LOC.  Nothing complex. No third party installs.   Never happened before this week, ever.     


  2. This happens if you rename the file and not the unit Filename; at the top. So the unit filename and the actual filename differ. Reproducible.


  3. Hello.

    I’ve tried (with no success) to reproduce the issue.

    Does anyone know if there’s a QP opened? If not, can anybody fill it and provide detailed steps? It would be really appreciated.



  4. I’m not able to reproduce it now. When it happened to me I was messing around with the various PAS files for my project in Windows Explorer and then when I went to compile it did that. I could restart the IDE and it did it every time. When I found the file that the filename and the unit name were different and fixed that the problem went away. Right now E1038 is stopping the compiler when the unit name and filename are different so not sure why it happened in the one project. Edit: That F2613 error from Lars` screenshot is a pretty good clue. The missing PAS file on the last line.


  5. I have had this type of bug with some include file trickery and/or generics in D2009 and also XE7.

    Wired error (only one at a time), IDE restart – error gone.


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