The Super Moon and the Super Zoom.

The Super Moon and the Super Zoom.

This is optical zoom only – I’ve disabled the digital zoom. I need a better tripod and head. The voices are myself and my son. Taken from the garden terrasse.

The camera struggled to refocus for a bit, after I zoomed all the way out and back in again – but eventually found it’s focus.

Nikon Coolpix #P900 #video

14 thoughts on “The Super Moon and the Super Zoom.

  1. About the price of a pint and a half, per month. Note that pints in Norway are expensive. – so $9.99/month for 1TB. I am not sure if YouTube videos will take from that storage, though.


  2. It is strange that fog and halos don’t appear the same in a digital camera as in the human eye. I’ve tried to capture fog scenes which to me looked fantastic, but they all turned out quite “meh”.


  3. Lars Fosdal photographing fog is like science or something -the camera won’t focus properly, the light measuring is kinda off and you have to mess with the exposure compensation -just to get started.


  4. Jim Lian I’ve tried a lot of times – with the camera in manual mode – but the fog always turns out more transparent in the capture than to the naked eye. Morning fog with plenty sun, usually turns out well – but low light fog is hard.


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