Lightweight Battery-Powered Haptic Glove Lets You Touch VR Objects

Lightweight Battery-Powered Haptic Glove Lets You Touch VR Objects

A research team from EPFL in Lausanne and ETH in Zurich have developed a haptic feedback glove that is both lightweight and low-powered, which allows users to touch and hold virtual objects

At a mere 40 grams (or 8 grams per finger), the glove runs on only 200-volts of battery power, and can simulate the tactile experiences of both very hard and very soft objects.

Queue the dirty jokes, but this represents a major step forward in the development of interactive Virtual Reality technology, which is finally moving into the mainstream after many previous failed attempts.

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Google wants to kill the URL!

Google wants to kill the URL!

“I don’t know what this will look like, because it’s an active discussion in the team right now,” says Parisa Tabriz, director of engineering at Chrome. “But I do know that whatever we propose is going to be controversial. That’s one of the challenges with a really old and open and sprawling platform. Change will be controversial whatever form it takes. But it’s important we do something, because everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck.”

Considering all the tracking crap that is attached to URLs, I tend to support the idea, although it is hard to envision how this will be done.

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