Still searching for a new long-term place for sharing my rants.

Here are some personal opinions on the alternatives.

The just say no collection
Self-hosted – A lot of engines to chose from, and quite a bit of work to set up, and a lot of work to keep safe, backed up, up to date. I’d like to publish, not run a publishing operation.
Ello – Been there, tried that, moved on.
Facebook – Can go f… themselves. Want to be betrayed and sold? Go ahead.
Friendica/Hubzilla – Didn’t click with me at all.
Diaspora/Dreamwidth – Had potential, but as platforms, gone stale. That said – Dreamwidth has a very interesting set of features, and new platforms should take a look and get some ideas.
Mastodon – We already have Twitter, which is ok for signalling, but not really a place for conversation.
Medium – Fenced in, and starting to look really corporate.
Minds – A natural home for the SEO / Get Rich Quick inclined. A gamification and monetizing hell / heaven – depending on your taste.
Reddit/Tumblr/Instagram/Snapchat/Pinterest – Well… hmm… no.

The most likely alternatives for self-publishing:

Very quick and relatively uncomplicated to set up. A bit of spam removal may be needed, the rest is taken care of. It works, but it is starting to look really old, and new features are far apart, and their comments are currently linked to G+, which will die soon. Last, but not least: It is Google – who knows how long it be around.
Can import G+ posts via Friends+Me export tool. Supports Google Analytics.Can export content. Ads are optional.
Some stale content of mine:
It comes at a price, but entry level is not too expensive. Tried and tested. Very, very feature rich and a bit of a learning curve. Unlike the self-hosted version, there is no upkeep chores to deal with. Can import G+ posts via Friends+Me export tool. Can export content. Supports Google Analytics. I did not expect to like the looks of as much as I do, but I am still just tinkering with it. Yes, it means placing your bets on a commercial operator, but at least this one is all about hosting your publications, and not about tracking you and selling your data. Ads are optional. You can follow other WP users.
Testing Blogger and G+ imports at

It has a certain G+ like feel, but although there are many nice and even impressive features with MeWe – I really don’t like the lack of truly public posts. I wish that I could chose to see one stream with content from all my contacts, groups, and pages – instead of it being separated. Some freaking annoying navigation issues, such as returning to the top of the stream, instead of where you visited from. Resharing external content is pretty brilliant, though and the scraping done to do a brief / nice post is excellent. No Ads.

Soapbox place #1 Not really a place for dialog, as we are shouting at each other, rather than conversing. Ok for keeping an ear to the ground.
Has potential. WordPress-like in many respects, but very new and still work in progress. Supports Google Analytics. Partially open source, with intent to go fully open source? Created by the Savand brothers, who are Russian. No Ads.

Openbook / Solid
Looks very interesting, but still a LOT of unknowns.

God dang it, Google, why did you do this to us!?

New Report Show How Extensive Russian Online Campaign for Trump Was

New Report Show How Extensive Russian Online Campaign for Trump Was

“What is clear is that all of the {Russian} messaging clearly sought to benefit the Republican Party–and specifically Donald Trump,” the report says.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google, particularly YouTube we’re criticized for making it difficult to analyze the data, the report says.

Washington Post “A report prepared for the Senate that provides the most sweeping analysis yet of Russia’s disinformation campaign around the 2016 election found the operation used every major social media platform to deliver words, images and videos tailored to voters’ interests to help elect President Trump — and worked even harder to support him while in office.”

“The report, a draft of which was obtained by The Washington Post, is the first to study the millions of posts provided by major technology firms to the Senate Intelligence Committee … ”

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation’s scale and sweep

MarketWatch: ‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says ‘damage done to the stock market’ is much, much worse’ than anyone…

MarketWatch: ‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says ‘damage done to the stock market’ is much, much worse’ than anyone is talking about.