Google Sheets does Translations

Although it usually pays off to pay for professional translation, this can be nice for creating an initial draft, at least.

Translations by =GOOGLETRANSLATE functions

=GOOGLETRANSLATE(<source text>, “from language”, “to language”) where languages are encoded as the ISO two-letter language codes. You can also use “auto” as a language.

There is also a =DETECTLANGUAGE function that can be used to identify the language used in a range of cells.

RAD Studio 10.3 Rio – Release 3 is out

10.3.3 is the last expected release before 10.4, planned for some point in first half of 2020, and bring us

  • 64-bit Android
  • iOS 13
  • MacOS Catalina (Delphi)
  • Enterprise Connectors (Enterprise and Architect SKUs)
  • Numerous fixes to VCL, RTL and IDE
  • 180+ user reported issues

What’s new: 10.3 Rio – Release 3 – RAD Studio
Web Installer:

Dalija Prasnikar have some useful observations on her blog.