20 thoughts on “Does anyone have a cure for this?

  1. The second most annoying is when code completing fails after a debug has been terminated, and you try to write variable[dot] to get a method or property, and it believes what ever word that is first on the next line is supposed to be added after the [dot] and fails.  A recompile fixes the code completion.

  2. Lars Fosdal Code completion (and Code Insight) may fail just after recompiling. I’ve got this problem not long ago – When I see it fails, I delete *.dcu and *.identcache, use Code Insight for a while, but after compiling the project it fails again. 

  3. Always wondered why they didn’t just find a way to extract the parser from the compiler into a library and use it for both the compiler and the IDE. Why have a separate parser for Code Insight and Error Insight?

  4. Kenneth —

    The answer to that is “They could, but it would be an incredibly large amount of work for the compiler team, and would delay other more important features”.

    I know the answer because I tried to make it happen during my tenure, but couldn’t.  Alas.

  5. Kenneth Cochran It took MS until VS2012 to do the same with VC++, so it’s not a trivial task. While C++ is clearly a more complex language, MS is quite a bit larger than Borland/CG/EMB, so I think that evens it out.

  6. This is caused by several things: a. different parser for error insight.  b. different search paths for error insight versus real compiler.  Most likely it’s a, but if it’s b you can actually do something about it.

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