15 thoughts on “XE4 and third party

  1. I know there is a Rave Reports version for XE3.  Does anyone know if there will soon be an XE4 version?  We need to move from D7 to XE2/3/4, and it all depends on Rave.   Otherwise, we’ll just have to bite the bullet and go for Fast Reports (even though it would be a lot of work).   It does seem that Rave Reports is on life support, so we probably should move off it anyway.

  2. The last few versions of RAVE have been minor source code changes  – just enough to get them to compile in the IDE de jure.  Buy the source from them and save yourself the headaches each time a new IDE version comes out.   Just tweak it yourself to recompile.  I heard somewhere that they are selling source for XE2/XE3 or so, so Nevrona still has a pulse, but just barely.  Long term, FR is your best bet – that is the route I will be taking.  It is going to be a pain, since I have 50-75 RAVE report classes to rewrite. :-/

  3. Phillip Woon 

     They respond well to money – good luck with that email/phone thing though 🙂

    I believe that the source code comes with the paid-up product.  I bought it 2-3 years ago and it came with (most) source.  They do not ship source for the report designer – a pity, since it has some bugs that drive me nuts.

  4. We use (almost) all code based reports.   THere is one designed report that we’re in the process of moving to code based.  So I guess the designer wouldn’t be a priority (I think?).

  5. Phillip Woon 

    Don’t you find code based reports…. twiddly?  I used to do code based reports back in the bad old days (MSDOS), but got tired of laying reports out on grid paper beforehand and then hand tweaking code to move a field a millimeter or two left/right.  I prefer WYSIWYG in the designer any day.  I find it much more productive, especially when facing 50-60 reports in one app.

  6. Well, before I started this new job, (2 months ago), I used Report Builder, and all the repots were designed.  When I came here, I noticed that they used all code based.   I thought like you did at first, but all the reports they have here are quite similar.  Different column names and data, and different titles, but quite similar otherwise.  And I think there is a bug in the designed reports (not sure if it’s Rave or our code).   With the code based, you do have more power if you put up with the “twiddly” aspects.  (you’re right, you have to keep running it to see if it works, and then move things ever so slightly).

  7. Phillip Woon That is one place that the RAVE designer shines.  You can make the often-used parts of your reports into global “sections” and then reuse them across multiple reports with a couple mouse clicks.  Design once, use many.  FR does not have this feature, so I am kind of screwed.  Most of my existing RAVE reports use sections for all the boilerplate stuff, so porting them to FR is not going to be fun  🙁

  8. I will probably start porting all my reports to Fast Reports, because I don’t trust Nevrona.  It is awfully tempting to keep RAVE though. It would be a lot less work in the short term to just patch the RAVE source to work with XE4, but potentially disastrous should Nevrona go completely belly-up. If XE5 (or whatever) turns out to be completely incompatible with RAVE, then I could get caught in a corner with nowhere to go.