“State of the art”

“State of the art”

From the freakishingly annoying FireDAC installer, which launch command line windows to the foreground.  

An iPhone library that uses deprecated functions?

Where is QA? Is there QA?

Also – why does the iPhone command line compiler run at less than half the speed of the Windows compiler?


6 thoughts on ““State of the art”

  1. Isn’t the iOS compiler based on LLVM? Of course it’s slower than dcc32, at least it’s a lot quicker than gcc.

    If it’s realy only two times slower, then I’m realy impressed by it’s speed.

  2. Graeme Geldenhuys I had similar hopes, but as usual, it seems that the myriad existing defects get no attention, and the new features  are, for the most part, of no use to me. I loved D2010, and am pretty happy with XE, though it seems to have more problems than did 2010.

    I do love Pascal–it’s pretty transparent to my thought processes, and free from those annoying curly braces. 😉 

    Free is too expensive for me. I use a number of free tools now which are apparently orphans. I am a capitalist, and prefer to get my tools from capitalists. 😉

  3. Graeme Geldenhuys Graeme I was not suggesting that it is. However, if/when I jump ship, the prevailing opportunities suggest that RemObjects may be a more lucrative choice.

    Nonetheless, I do think I need to do some exploring in the FPC/Lazarus pond. If a change lies in my future, better to have more options than fewer. 😉