Need to report Delphi issues?

Need to report Delphi issues?

QC Plus is the better choice.

That said –  we should port the whole thing to FireMonkey (Desktop and Mobile) and modernize the UX a bit!

Quality Central Web Service documentation

4 thoughts on “Need to report Delphi issues?

  1. Given the nature of the circumstances here, I’m not entirely sure why the proprietary components prevent an OSS release. They can be replaced, or the project can be continued by someone with access to said components. By the looks of it, it probably uses ExpressBars and some other fairly common components.


  2. In my opinion the entire QC idea needs a dramatic rethink. It is way over complicated and a barrier to users reporting issues. They should scrap it and start again, this time building it on a solid foundation with only a web front end.


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