Because  Sender = ComponentVar is just too conservative

Because  Sender = ComponentVar is just too conservative

    if TBitBtn(Sender).Name=’bWoodPallet’

     then tPack.CarrierType:=ctWood

    else if TBitBtn(Sender).Name=’bPlasticPallet’

     then tPack.CarrierType:=ctPlastic

    else if TBitBtn(Sender).Name=’pVendorPlasticPallet’

     then tPack.CarrierType:=ctVendorPlastic;

8 thoughts on “Because  Sender = ComponentVar is just too conservative

  1. In the dialog, the button is a variable, so you can compare the sender param with the variable, instead of casting sender to get the variable name and compare it to a string literal.  

    Component descendants are such a pain for migrations.  I don’t use packages if I can avoid it.  Too many dependencies.

    Personally, I’d prolly use the Tag value to hold the constant instead – but that’s not entirely safe as well, as even constants can change.


  2. Lars Fosdal  in fact , actually I don’t use packages in Delphi. I find them too difficult to manage when using source code control and versioning . But maybe I miss something with packages usage.


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