10 thoughts on “Inspiration to ditch your legacy Delphi version and modernize your codebase.

  1. All it takes is money and time. Lots of both. It would help if there was a usable “home” version. And at work, the willingness to rewrite our apps with the new firemonkey versions of all the devex grids and trees is lacking.

  2. Delphi 5 can be better than some later versions – fast and compact. and i can implement unicode strings procedures with it’s abilities. if i need 64-bit or android versions, i can use FreePascal. At least, coz it free ^_^. At version to version language staying more and more complex – what is for? Not sure what it all needs. Programs staying more complex (ok, ok, sometime) but at least, they going to be more and MORE FAT. i think, it just stupid unit dependency and not perfect internal object realization. And Firemonkey is… slow…. So, let me NOT to use modern slow, very fat and high-costed Delphi versions.

  3. Алексей Кулаков I saw such comment coming. A rusty car from the 80s also still can get you from A to B but still most people prefer a new comfortable car if they can afford the money to buy it. They also get more complicated and some people claim that modern technology breaks more often than old one. But yet still – this is progress. If everyone would think like that we still would be coding in Cobol.

  4. Алексей Кулаков To me that sounds more like “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – but if Delphi 5 is all you need and you are not missing anything – that’s fine. Still from experience – I would NEVER EVER want to go back to Delphi 7 (or even older) after using XE (see, I am also not using the newest one ^^).

  5. Stefan Glienke I agree. I still have D7 installed on one machine, and am unlikely ever to throw it away, but once I finally got used to the layout in XE, I was pretty firmly committed. At present, though, I labor in D2007….

  6. Well I am rocking xe5, loving Android support, warts and all. Compared to eclipse and Android studio Delphi, with its faults and bugs, is obviously a better ide and rad environment. I don’t mind java (I can survive c then java is easy enough) but I like the visual firm design working properly, the event handling working – just being able to double click an event to set it to a new handler, oh joy compared to an ide that doesn’t even describe the properties completely, missing some off.

    No, Delphi has plenty of faults but it’s much more productive than the open source alternatives. I know, I have used them. We still use d3, d5, d7, d2007 and xe2 along with xe5. D5 was my favourite for a long time, but xe5 is winning me over 🙂

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