In case you had doubts of Delphi’s GUI capabilities…

In case you had doubts of Delphi’s GUI capabilities…

Hallvard Vassbotn and Infront’s latest release of their financial information and trading platform is a Delphi VCL app, and a pretty good looking one, IMO.


18 thoughts on “In case you had doubts of Delphi’s GUI capabilities…

  1. Tools are one part of it; design skills are another. Just as there is much ugly code in the world, there is also much ugly UI design. Being artistic isn’t enough, either. It requires an integration of artistic, technical, and domain skills.

  2. Dorin Duminica

    I know, but reprensent too much work for just a “cosmetic” wish. And I use the less 3rd party tools as possible, especially when not necessary: I still cannot compile some old apps after a computer reinstall, because of their heavy use of external libraries.

  3. A nice GUI is hard work, whatever component set you use. I’ve too often reached limits (and bugs) of most GUI components (DevExpress, TMS, VCL). Even a simple GUI which doesn’t flicker is hard work. When needs to be really tailored to your need, often you need to draw it yourself from scratch.

  4. Ilya S, not sure what resolution they used to produce the video.

    Most of the core functionality is based on vanilla GDI-based VCL components, but the new parts of the GUI, the custom large main menu, the GO (Global Overview) menu etc is based on GDI+ and uses some subtle but nice looking partial transparency and animations.

    We have a top notch UI/UX designer, Nicolai Dahlgren, on the team and he is the main reason the app looks so good. 🙂

    We have a great team – both in front-end and server development and in product owners/specification.

  5. Hallvard Vassbotn Can I ask where do you get the HDGdiPanel, was wanting to read a bit more about it ?  Is this GDI+ ?  Can you mention the GDI+ GO component or is this custom ?