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  1. Done it as well… but I do wonder about their value. So many questions just not relevant or the answers provided not quite the right ones, and you can’t easily explain why… For example I don’t recall a question saying “Are you on SA?” – to which a “Yes” answer would then have rendered a whole batch of annoying questions irrelevant (“Did you download an Evaluation copy? Are you planning to buy XE6? If not, which features would make you upgrade?”) My feeling is a much simpler 20-30 question form, along with a bigger area where you could explain in detail your firm’s usage of Delphi/RAD Studio and your preferred set of future features, would give them a lot more insight – but less easy to aggregate answers, of course.

  2. I’d like a survey that allows you to say you are on SA.  Those feature needed/purchase  questions are could be better worded.  Some questions would benefit from an ‘Other’ option, and places to enter comment as the answers to choose from don’t cover all possibilities.

  3. The questions seem to me to be designed garner answers that justify the current product direction. How about asking customers what they really want for once? How about asking questions on the IDE, Compiler, Language, VCL. We understand mobile is the all the rage these days, but not every delphi users is doing it, but it seems if we are not using delphi for mobile dev then we have been abandoned.  All this survey has done is to raise my frustration levels again, I’m sure I’m not alone. 

  4. “3. Which of the following best describes the nature of your development team (i.e. I/We are a…)?” Interesting that there’s no “free software made available with hardware sales” which is what I do. Technically you can buy our software, but we sell thousands of hardware units a year and less than 10 extra software licenses. So I ticked “ISV”.

  5. As far as the overall direction, I seemed to spend a lot of time saying “would like to use it because it seems aimed squarely at what we do, but it’s so limited and unreliable that I can’t even persuade my employer to evaluate it”. Saying “oh, just hire another few Delphi developers and buy XE6 for multiplatform mobile development” is a punchline, not a business plan.

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