Up and running on XE6 Update 1.

Up and running on XE6 Update 1.  

– No new hints or warnings.

– One code incompatibility with XE5 found in the uses statement:

{$if compilerversion >= 27}

  System.JSON, // XE6 and upwards


  Data.DBXJSON, // XE5


So far, so good. It’s the smoothest Delphi upgrade yet.

Almost too easy… what can go wrong? 😉

7 thoughts on “Up and running on XE6 Update 1.

  1. Oh, just about anything. Like XE6 is supposed to give fewer out of memory errors, except that while our project group requires XE2 to be restarted once to complete a build all, XE6 needs 2 restarts. And plenty of other minor incompatibilities. Admittedly, some of them are about constructs that were incorrectly permitted by the compiler, but it still requires a bucket load of work to sift through.

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