What is your current Delphi Version?

What is your current Delphi Version?

I just have to test the new poll feature.  So silly that Google limited to five options, and doesn’t do multiple choice either. But hey, it’s a start!

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  1. Good point, Vin Colgin. I wanted a choice for every version, but Google restricted me to five, and it was kinda hard to decide how to divide them.  It also annoys me that you can’t set a poll to be anonymous, or do a multiple choice poll, or lock results.

  2. D2010 and XE6, technically, all my projects can be upgraded to XE6 with very minimum work, but we don’t do it because that time can be spent elsewhere especially since it’s not mandatory to upgrade

  3. Lars Fosdal

    I disagree. OOP was huge, of course, but so was the introduction of Delphi with exception handling. Left a lot of folks with their mouths open, and made Windows, at last, a low hurdle.

  4. Voted XE6, which we use for the current development version of our software. Older versions of our software are all made with XE3.

    We’re trying to track the new releases more frequently, though we have a lot of third party dependencies so it’s not easy. Takes my coworker a week or so just to download, compile and sort out the immediate issues for all our dependencies, and then there’s testing for regressions.

  5. Lars Fosdal   I did not do a lot with D1, though I did build a tool for a major HDD manufacturer to use in analyzing the yield in the head plating operations. D2 kept me busy for years, though, with video server design. Then D5, briefly, and finally D7.

  6. haha, All this talk of lore makes me think of the good days of TurboVision and DOS/Character based graphics. I remember we used to fiddle with the character definitions in the VGA controller to produce “graphically” characters out of the unused high ASCII characters…


    Which leads me to a story, I used to do POS programming for Hollywood Video (nation video store chain). We had a problem with screen burn-in, so “one night” (literally) a co-worker and I made a small TSR that would come to life and present a small bee, made out of a three redefined characters (two for the wings, one for the body). This bee would randomly “eat” the characters on the screen and eventually blank them all out within about 5 minutes. It’s was super cool and a fun project. This was in the good ole days, about 4 developers and only about 30 stores, so that night we rolled it out. The next morning, we came into work where the owner of the company was frantically fielding calls from the store-managers about a VIRUS in their computer that was eating the screen!! Needless to say, they put controls in place to prevent programmers from randomly rolling out software to the stores at night.

  7. What is your current Delphi Version?: It is XE7 but I have to use XE5 because our projects are relying on some 3rd party components that are not available yet for XE7.

    Maybe you can add this to the poll as an additional option 🙂

  8. Asbjørn Heid – Sure you could.  Make post, add comments for each option, lock for comments and ask people to +1 comments that they would vote for.  Multiple choice only, but still, 500 possible choices 😛

  9. Fred Ahrens

    Inertia. A fact of life. Not so long ago, I was trapped in D6 because of a few non-visual components whose publishers had expired. Finally wrapped them in a DLL and moved on.

  10. Fred Ahrens In my case, it was the only available option. The component implemented an encryption algorithm, and may have had errors. At least, my tests with another component gave incompatible results. We had no source–in fact, I was unable to determine whether we were licensed.

    At any event, with nothing but an interface, the DLL was the only path which was compatible with data in the field.

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