You gotta love Lennart Aasenden and his Object Pascal enthusiasm :)

You gotta love Lennart Aasenden and his Object Pascal enthusiasm 🙂

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  1. I Installed FPC/Lazarus on my Beaglebone Black (to those who don’t know, it is similar in concept the the Raspberry Pi) and while it does work nicely, I wish there was a package for an improved version that’s not 2.5 years old. Having to build the new version from source for such platforms and tweaking it to work is not a good way to introduce a new tool to people…

  2. He has some good points, and if he removed some of the more inflammatory language (“Python and Perl… are just scripting engines”, “…are toy languages”, plus other inaccuracies, etc) it would be good reading for his target audience, which I think may be the Raspberry Pi anti-Pascal people he talks about in the first paragraph.

    But as it is, anyone reading it who doesn’t already agree with him will be turned off by the choice of terms he uses.  Which is a shame.  It would be nice to have more visibility for the language, but that’s not going to be achieved by telling others they’re wrong.

    Because, of course, he is enthusiastic about OP and it is a great language and in many ways he’s right, and I’d love to see that knowledge spread wider.

  3. A recent update from Joe Hecht suggests that the Banana Pi would be a much more promising target for OP.

    Bear in mind, though, that these small boards are turning up under rocks. Every week or two, it seems, I hear of another one.

  4. Bill Meyer Interesting… Link? AFAIK Raspberry Pi is still by far the most famous and popular, but as you said, there’s no lack of competition. These boards could be a great new prospect for Lazarus (and OP in general), but unfortunately it seems the Lazarus professionals aren’t in this state of mind…

  5. Can XE7 target PI now? It’s cool that people use Lazarus and FPC to target these bizarre-o platforms. Seems like a great time to offer a free-to-use version of Delphi for academic and hobbyists. Delphi is certainly further along than these other Pascal compilers, I love that the language has taken a life of it’s own outside of Emb, but I wish Delphi was the IDE they used and Emb targeted them with a free version of some sort.

  6. Vin Colgin the only way to target rPI that I’m aware of is through running Android on it however the PI org only just released the code for the GPU.  However no time is being put in (again that I’ve read) to write that GPU code for Android so no chance of running XE7.  Apparently you can run XE7 on both BananaPI and BBB though.

  7. David Millington  Python is just a toy language.  It consistently comes out far behind even other scripting languages in performance comparisons, and it doesn’t even have a CASE statement, for heaven’s sake!  (Because the guy who created it specifically said there’s no sufficiently “pythonic” way to implement one, which means there’s probably never going to be one.)

  8. Bill Meyer 🙂 I’ve heard of Banana Pi… no, I meant do you have a link about it being better than the Raspberry for OP – apart from for the obvious, it having more MHz and MBs.