Simple code snippets to get AD user information

Simple code snippets to get AD user information

I wrote a small AD snippet just the other day, to check which AD groups a specific AD user was member of.  I needed to check if a user was member of a specific AD group, to enable or disable some “super user” functions in the system management application.

Note that it uses web.wintypes.adstypes which may only be available in XE5 and upwards?

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  1. currently I try to use ‘tokenGroups’, have such code:

    function GetObject(const Name: string): IDispatch;


      BindCtx: IBindCtx;

      Moniker: IMoniker;

      Eaten: Integer;

      Dispatch: IDispatch;


      Result := nil;

      BindCtx := nil;

      if CreateBindCtx(0, BindCtx) = S_OK then begin

        Moniker := nil;

        if MkParseDisplayName(BindCtx, PWideChar(WideString(Name)), Eaten, Moniker) = S_OK then begin

          Dispatch := nil;

          if Moniker.BindToObject(BindCtx, nil, IADs, Dispatch) = S_OK then

            Result := Dispatch;





      ADs: IADs;

      Groups: array of OleVariant;


      ADs := GetObject(‘LDAP://’ + sADUserName) as IADs;

      SetLength(Groups, 1);

      Groups[0] := ‘tokenGroups’;

      ADs.GetInfoEx(Groups, 0);

      Groups := ADs.Get(Groups[0]);

    now I have in Groups variable: array of array of bytes, this is SIDs in RAW bytes format,

    how to contert this array’s of bytes to SidStr or PSid for using with LookupAccountSid?

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