VCL Ribbon revisited

VCL Ribbon revisited

How this made it through initial QA is a mystery.  Abstract errors (requiring an IDE restart), disappearing controls (requiring you to close and reopen the form), access violations (requiring an IDE restart), mouse caret getting trapped in region within IDE (requiring an IDE restart) – and trial and error the only way to figure it all out.

I am not a happy camper.

8 thoughts on “VCL Ribbon revisited

  1. I have heard stories about that control, but not nearly that bad – just problems like it not drawing correctly on the title bar. What you describe sounds ghastly.

    Can you try one of the third party controls? I think TMS has a ribbon control and I’m sure there are others too.

  2. Why use the ribbon at all?  Silly Microsoft proclamations about “focus groups” notwithstanding, it’s an ugly waste of screen real estate, and a big step backwards in usability over traditional menus and toolbars.  Progress is well and good, but sometimes “the old ways” really are best, and this is one of those times.

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