13 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 hotkeys I discovered by accident…

  1. Those aren’t 8.1 hotkeys. The OS isn’t allowed to have hotkeys that don’t include the Windows key. Otherwise it screws with apps. Those will be hotkeys from your Intel graphics driver. I hate them because they screw with the shortcuts in my app.

  2. So is it my the display driver then?

    Down inverts my primary display, Left makes it go portrait mode with left on top, and Right – the opposite.  Up restores the default.

  3. Fun fact: Intel graphics driver eats Ctrl+Alt+F1-F12 shortcuts, even if they’re not mapped to anything in the driver’s settings.

    You have to disable the driver shortcuts entirely for it not to eat them.

  4. Graphics card UI devs are all permanently drunk.

    “I know, we’ll install notification icons and multiple shell context menu items. It will make it so much easier for users to change their color profile 25 times a day.”

    We don’t need to be notified of anything. It’s fair to say that we will notice if the display stops working. We don’t change driver settings regularly. Keep off our menus. When we need to make changes we’ll go to the control panel.

    Actually it’s probably not the devs. They probably know all this. It’s probably some hopeless PHB.

  5. Stefan Glienke GNAAARRRRGHGHH!

    Simon Stuart yes, you can disable this shortcuts, but you cant disable the registration of these shortcuts… The intel driver still eats these shortcuts, but dont do anything with it. My programm never gets any shortcut because the intel driver is always started before my programm. After every reboot I have to open the Taskmanager and kill the intel exe which ends with “HK.exe”.