4 thoughts on “The Man behind The Mask

  1. I start to appreciate more and more, that actors actually have no clue what the movie they participate in will look like.

    Especially the ones I like the best, which are often heavily reliant on this kind of technology.

  2. Folmer Fredslund – I was about to write a comment about this, but you did it before me. Imho the hobbit movies takes a step in the wrong direction. Just like the three latest Star Wars movies, the actors are very disconnected from the universe they are meant to pretend to be in.

  3. Marius Svensson rereading my comment, I think I was not clear about what I meant.
    I meant that I can better understand now, that some actors say they have no clue what the result is, because they are basically speaking to thin air or curiously looking actors, instead of the creatures they were supposed to talk to 🙂

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