Happy Birthday, Norway!

Happy Birthday, Norway!

We shall fill the streets with smiling kids, flags, and marching bands, and stuff our faces with ice cream and hot dogs, singing the National anthem, and generally have a jolly good time, all while watching the skies, hoping it won’t rain and waiting for the day to end, so that we can get out of the bunads and formal wear and tend to the blisters that comes from wearing the nice shoes only once a year ­čśë

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Norway!

  1. Heidi Henderson┬á/ Tessa Keough┬á– Sorry, no pics from me today, as we didn’t go to see the children’s parade this year. ┬áNo kids in the family that is in the right age (1st to 10th year), so we went to my wife’s parents place instead. ┬áNext year, we have a nephew in his first year ­čÖé

    But – the celebration in Oslo (and around the world) can be seen here:


    (Assuming it is accessible from overseas)


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