21 thoughts on “Next time, wooden row boats, people!

  1. Lars Fosdal​ We’re all consumers of petroleum products, either it’s driving a car, taking the bus or having services provided by others who use petroleum. Does this means we’re not allow to protest against oil companies? Is it the people, the kayakers, that are the bad ones, should they have stayed away and never held this protest?

    This is how the oil companies turning the responsibility away from themselves and blame the people.

    Look at the picture, the kayakers are the real problem? Seriously?

  2. Oh bullshit to this sentiment. You don’t know what the protest was about. Making kayaks is a far less damaging use of petrochemicals than burning shitloads of it as fuel.

  3. transport fuel accounts for more than 95% of all fossil fuel extraction – the remaining <5% makes up all plastics, pharmaceuticals and road tar….

    If we stop burning fossil fuels we have plenty of material to make plastics. But that doesn't actually matter because we are highly likely to still need transport fuel for a significant number of use cases. You might think this means we can't stop all fossil fuel burning but once the price of electricity generation drops enough we can make clean pure hydrocarbons from air… this is old technology circa 1850's.

    I for one look forward to our ultra-clean feed stock renewable future…

  4. Do I need to remind you of the collection that this post was put in?  That the source of the image is 9gag? That life is not always to be taken seriously?  Come on, people!

  5. Terje L. Reiersen It is still hypocritical to protest someone for getting the substance that you use.  I think what they could protest is perhaps how they acquire the oil such as unsafe extraction processes or slave labour but to simply protest against oil production is naive.

  6. Dalija Prasnikar​ that’s irrelevant given a) the power problem at hand and b) the total number of reactors working smoothly. Or did you stop booking flights because of that Germanwings accident? Look at Germany. Turning off nuclear plants has lead to reopening coal plants. How is that good?

  7. Elisabeth Schabus Point is that nuclear energy (fission) is off the table. It is not the part of the solution and never will be. I am not saying that we should shut down all nuclear plants right now, but we should stop building new ones, and should concentrate on other energy sources. 

    When you are trying to solve one problem (CO2) you should concentrate on solutions that do not have potential to create other serious ones. 

    I don’t know how far is nearest nuclear plant from the place you live, but I live 25 km from one. While I don’t expect any problems during its lifetime, if something would happen there I would be homeless along with at least 1 million people. And that is about quarter of my country’s population.  

    Are you willing to let us all camp in your back yard?

    BTW, I don’t fly at all.

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