Latvia was a refreshing oasis in the #ESC  desert.

Latvia was a refreshing oasis in the  desert.
The Swedish winner was probably the best hit material – but to me, it was just another well dressed pop song. I found Latvia’s entry a far more emotionally evocative performance.

10 thoughts on “Latvia was a refreshing oasis in the #ESC  desert.

  1. Serge GODEC It’s unfair France qualifies every single year directly to the final, although their miserable performances, last year scored just 2 points and now 4, ridiculous. Just because they are apart of the Big 5…

  2. Lars Fosdal exactly – this year we (the ORF in particular and therefore also me who pays every two month those bills coming from the ORF) payed for exactly 0 points – the worst ROI possible 😀

    The big5 are actually the countries who pay the most to the EBU and therefore also get most broadcasting time. The automatic qualification for the ESC finals is just some value added (but more of a disadvantage in recent years). currently has a discussion if big5 countries should quit ESC or stop paying to be announced as big5 – this actually does not make any sense as the ESC-big5 is just a byproduct to their daily business.