Another new Delphi book!

Another new Delphi book!

There seems there is some life in this old horse yet, in spite of all the flogging.


20 thoughts on “Another new Delphi book!

  1. I purchased the book, a little high at $50.00 for the printed version but I will give out my review after I am done.  At the moment it seems well prepared along with color photos but with a mixture of German / English in the images which is strange.

  2. I have the book on my desk here. If you are looking for a code architecture guide or deep compiler & API secrets this book is not for you. If you want some tips, tricks, and workarounds for polishing up your app on a Mac it has 32 of them in chapter 6. The Kindle version is slightly cheaper.

  3. Stefan Glienke a mixture in images of German and English, yes that is strange, either print the book in one language or make sure your publisher does their homework.

    You would never see Cary Jensen print a book with images in Englsih and swahili

  4. Uwe Raabe give me a break, Harry is collecting money for a product. If this is a self published manual then they should have hired a proof reader to go thru it as any other writer should have especially for the amount being charged.

    Stefan Glienke pride is part of anything that a developer produces and this is just carelessness on Harry’s part.

  5. Richard Baroniunas – Dude, please. All the pictures in Kama Sutra are of stylized indians.  They are still understood.  A selection of screenshots in German is certainly nothing to get your panties in a knot over?

  6. +Lars, sweetheart take off the goggles and learn about QA or you can keep playing with the Kama Sutra position.

    For others, i am checking whether the content is worth the cost.  I think some of the folks here forgot what quality is about especially, I guess i will mix Lithuanian with English in my Help documents, that should be fun!

  7. Richard Baroniunas did you contact the author before posting? Maybe he can provide you with different screenshots and does some proofing for the next version to be published.

  8. I guess Richard is just pi**ed that he bought the book for $50 and it was not what he expected and now he just wants to vent his anger – otherwise it’s just pointless flaming.

  9. Richard Baroniunas IMHO there is a slight difference between EMB and a developer who tries filling EMBs documentation gap by writing a book.

    I’ll now stop troll-feeding this thread.

  10. Richard Baroniunas In Amazon’s book preview anyone can see this book has German screenshots. So what are you complaining about? 🙂

    There is more than one language in the world. If it gives you a chance to learn a few German words easily, it is fun, isn’t it?

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