17 thoughts on “Attention to detail.

  1. Jar Jar Abrams should shut up. He ruined his chances to be respected when he tried to retell Star Trek. Cool but way too much lens flare. Yet story wise…it lose it.

    So hope for Episode VII even acknowledging any of the episodes for it? I have my doubts. Yet I will see it. As I’ll be dragged out with my family to see it. Won’t complain.

  2. Humorous! Only 3 people will notice if he did? You mean after it has been released on Blu-ray and scrutinized, and shown on TV, and the internet?! Still only 3 people if he did, huh?
    I’m pretty sure after it’s out, there’ll be numerous people seeking it out anyways, even if it isn’t there.

  3. Yet even more proof that Abrams has no respect whatsoever for his fellow sci-fi fans. He has just made it pretty clear through these statements that he considers them to be little more than brainless masses to be pandered to. Personally, I think this plan to kill off Jar Jar Binks is going to backfire horribly, as it will occur in such a mean-spirited manner that it will instead leave the audience feeling sorry for the character. I mean, I understand if some people find Jar Jar annoying – I personally don’t mind him too much – but the sheer amount of hate he gets is, put mildly, just plain excessive.

  4. IMO, Jar Jar Binks stuck out like a sore thumb – sort of like putting Mr.Bean into Schindler’s List. Irrelevant, inappropriate and still not turning it into a story for children with his cartoon-like antics.

  5. Although he’s not a cool character, I can get by Jar Jar as portrayed in TPM. The one character that irks me more with way less screen time, is the two headed pod announcer(s)!

  6. The universe (s) is filled with all sorts of characters; like them, love them or just hate them for they make the universe go round.  Odd ball characters make the universe go round; in weird and interesting ways.

  7. tommy bennefield – I had to google Max Rebo. Just another of the many curious side figures. As for the Ewoks – they were cute and primitive – but they did reek of attempting to extending the audience.  I hope the next trilogy becomes a bit darker, but remains humorous.

  8. Ja ja could have been portrayed a lot better than he appeared in the movie, not such a bungling buffoon.  He was a clutz. He got banished because he suffered from Klutziness.  He got discovered by the Jedi, because he was a complete idiot Ja Ja got banished, again, because he was a complete moron, but in the end he saves the day; because he was a complete incompetent ignoramus.  The life and times of an Ja Ja the Simpleton. Said Simple Simon; to the Pie Man, “can I taste your wares?”

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