4 thoughts on “So true :)

  1. Actually, I’ve had to buy more space from both Apple and Google because of those apps… 🙂

    I never thought about how eerily similar the logotypes are before now, though.

  2. Danni Efraim – if you don’t mind the 16Mpx size limit, and compression – Google has free, unlimited storage of your photos. The previous limit was 2Mpx. The new app will make room on your phone by removing local copies of old images that already have been backed up – if you allow it to do so.

  3. Lars Fosdal I had actually missed that they increased the limit to 16 mp. I thought it was still a maximum of 2048 pixel in either dimension. Well, it doesn’t really matter; I don’t mind paying for a little extra Drive space. My phone has 128 GB of storage, so I don’t think it will need to delete anything any time soon… 🙂

  4. I think it’s safe to say that my photo backup policy is finally complete, though… From my phone everything is backed up both to Google Drive and iCloud, and from there it’s synchronized to my laptop, and from there it’s backed up via TimeMachine to my RAIDed NAS. I think my photos are safe as can be now 🙂