WebAssembly – Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention?

Originally shared by Lars Fosdal

WebAssembly – Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention?

It’s almost like p-code for the web. Or, something you compile your script to, so that it can be reinterpreted and recompiled within the browser.

8 thoughts on “WebAssembly – Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention?

  1. I agree this is very interesting. But the title is a bit misleading: it is not the companies teaming up but an open source project they are all involved. makes a HUGE difference to me.

  2. Also interesting they plan to target it with C# etc. Marco Cantù, would you guys add it as a Delphi compiler target if it looks like becoming popular? Or, getting involved in the OS project now? It would be great to see Delphi involved in something up-and-coming like this as it’s being made, just for name value alone (plus Delphi has a habit of waiting for something to become popular and then joining it, rather than leading.)

  3. Naturally, we keep our eyes on this 😉  But I must agree with previous comments:  I think we have seen similar attempts before…   We will see the final verdict of this work in some years, and other solutions might come along and prove to be better in the mean time (or at least they’ll become more popular, which is the ultimate success factor…  As we Delphi developers know all about :-P).  Funny twist that WebAssembly will compile back to JavaScript as a fallback for the browser without WebAssembly support.

    Bottom line for us in the Smart Mobile Studio team, is that we get a confirmation of the path we have chosen.  To stay “future proof”, it’s necessary to take the web development to a higher level.  Organize your projects on a higher level, and write the code in a language you love and master well.  Then let the IDE follow the trends and provide you with the stuff you need to reach the platforms you want.