New Navigator Tool

New Navigator Tool
For years, my Logitech MX 518 just kept on working, but recently, it’s wheel started to refuse to pass on information about me actually rolling it.

Enter the new rodent – the SteelSeries Sensei RAW whose name is almost enough to keep browsing for options.  Primary reasons for choice – it’s fits my hands well, it’s rubberized, light, precise and – most importantly: symmetrical with programmable thumb buttons on both sides.  This is important to me, as I am involuntarily ambidextrous due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

First impressions: That wheel is precise, but a tad hard. Time will tell.

5 thoughts on “New Navigator Tool

  1. I’ve been using the M-UV96 for so many years now, I don’t know what I’ll replace it with when it dies. Last time it happened, I just grabbed another one from my collection. Actually, all computers in the house have it, not just mine. 😊