One of the things that I am really starting to appreciate with Google Play, is that it plays albums truly…

One of the things that I am really starting to appreciate with Google Play, is that it plays albums truly continuously, without that dreadful pause in between tracks that f.x Wimp (Tidal) has.

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  1. Christopher Neumann Ruud Tested it now on my Nexus 4, and yes – on Android too.  Zero glitch or gap. Turned off wi-fi now to see if it handles it well over 3G as well.

  2. Christopher Neumann Ruud With wi-fi off, and having cleared the music cache – the Android Play app still plays without glitches or gaps on my Nexus 4 over 3G.  Awesome!

  3. Gjermund Gusland Thorsen  I have an old set of wooden cabinet Creative Cambridge speakers (2+1). The kind that makes an audiophile cringe and say “that’s not proper speakers”.  Again – when you pass 50, you hearing is so imperfect that it doesn’t really matter.  IMO, the music experience is not in the perfection of sound – but the expression in the music.  It does help to have good sound – sure – but it is not the one criteria which defines the experience – once you pass the level that is “good enough”.

  4. Gjermund Gusland Thorsen A digital reproduction of a 78RPM stone platter can still give a good music experience.  It’s not about the medium, but about the music. If that wasn’t the case, there would be no radio, no music industry.

    Technically, we are social media keyboard acquaintances…  not that the analogy makes sense in a musical context – apart from the medium doesn’t matter bit.
    Comments on a social forum are like short chats with people you meet at a convention.  You might bump into the same person many times – and the dialog is like this one – short exchanges of opinion.

  5. Christopher Neumann Ruud Tested on the Chromecast – unfortunately it doesn’t play seamlessly via Chromecast.  But… my TV sound system takes hi-def Bluetooth, so I can play seamlessly via that.

  6. Which is really, really far off the topic – even if accurate.  

    IMO, saying that you require perfect sound to appreciate music, is like saying you require perfect vision to appreciate visual art and that looking at a digital photo of a great painting makes it impossible to experience it’s greatness.

    As for social media – It is false stimuli if you are in it for self appreciation and seeking validation.  

    If you are in it for discussing shared interests with other people – it has merit as a decent medium for having such conversations.

    If you use it like me, posting or sharing stuff that interests, amuses, puzzles or annoy you – is that false stimuli? If so – to whom?
    Do you think I am “in it for the +1s”?

  7. I stumbled upon G+ through picasaweb, I mainly use G+ to browse pictures, and to a certain extent a stream of “news” and when possible inspiration.

    I see that certain technical stuff can be discussed to a certain extent, so can timelines.

    I do not require perfect sound to listen to music, I’m questioning at which level music has the potential of being appreciated when reproduced digitally. So far I have not yet found a satisfying way.