9 thoughts on “This is the cost of a Rattlesnake bite in America #healthcare

  1. They jack up the prices to compensate for all the people that don’t or can’t pay. Many times they don’t expect to collect all of it in which case they can write it off or bill the government. If they manage to collect most of it then they are ahead of the game. Hospitals have to treat you in an emergency by law, even if you can’t pay.

  2. I guess that in Croatia price would be next to nothing compared to this, only if our national health care service remembered to purchase some snake venom antidote. Which they usualy don’t do. So just stay away from horned vipers and black widow spiders if you visit Croatia. We’d like to help you, maybe even free of charge, only if we had the vials…

  3. Yikes. Is this for real? If so, someone really should investigate and break this down to the actual costs involved – would be interesting to see vs the billed costs!

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