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  1. Lars Fosdal​ I am just wondering. No need to get bothered because a person asks a question. 🙂 Though, studies seem to say worldwide ownership numbers do not show the same tendency towards shootings as we see in the USA. If other countries have high ownership numbers but low(er) shootings, there are important questions to ask to find out why the USA outcomes might be different. I’ll look for the article, but it linked the shootings (and perhaps willingness to buy/own a firearm) to a sense of entitlement that, if I recall correctly, the author stated was pretty unique to the USA. If that, linked with frustration and a willingness to use violence, is the major cause of shootings, we need to address those issues to reduce violence (firearm-related or not). I just won’t put my resources in “lets reduce the numbers” as I’m afraid that battle has already been lost…

  2. Lars Fosdal​​​​​ There are laws about obtaining, storage, and use in the USA-though many reports get it wrong. While some states don’t require permits for firearm purchases at gun shows, my state requires a permit for those firearm purchase-and I am in “The South.” Use of firearms to “right wrongs” seems to be seen more in the USA than in other places as does the willingness to use violence. My hope is we can identify these issues to reduce violence.

  3. Well, causality isn’t proven, but the cartoon implies it.
    There’s also no proven causality in gun control vs. violent crime, but the stats show that the stricter gun laws a jurisdiction has, the more gun crime it has. Chicken and egg? Perhaps, but in Washington DC the violent crime numbers went down dramatically after the gun ban was lifted.

    No matter the truth, the US is screwed. They have so many greymarket guns already that no amount of gun legislation can help them. The criminals don’t obey gun laws, and they already have access to firearms the law-abiding citizen can only dream of.

  4. The rumored number is closer to 30, seeing as how there’s quite a few categories of accidental or negligent discharges that are not included in the number (such as AD’s while loading or unloading the firearm).
    However, the number for last year when the police was “unarmed” was 9. Now, all police officers have to clear their firearm at end of watch, whereas previously it was only those that had armed themselves in the course of a mission. You’d expect to see more than a doubling in AD rates from that.
    Still too many though. Follow the four safety rules as per Cooper, and you’ll have 0.

  5. Thus, the base reasons people are willing to use violence is important to focus on as the goal to obtain reductions. We will never gave 0, as absolute security is a myth. The USA differs significantly from mist european countries and japan. Societal issues…

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