Reclaim that space!

Reclaim that space!

RAD Studio uninstall is not all inclusive, it seems. After uninstalling XE6 and XE8, the shared samples and kits still linger.


14.0 3Gb in 58k files (XE6 uninstalled)

15.0 3Gb 56k files (XE7.x Installed)

16.0 2Gb 51k files (XE8.x uninstalled)

17.0 2.8gb 60k files (10 Seattle installed)

So, that’s just above 5Gb reclaimed by removing the two dead directories.

8 thoughts on “Reclaim that space!

  1. And any reason to have a copy of Android SDK per version ?




    they should be at least shared, even with multiple versions of SDK, in


    BTW after installing DX, I’ve no SDK installed at all, only AVD and DSK managers.

  2. Thanks Lars Fosdal Stéphane Wierzbicki I believe you can during the installation to choose the location and not install the Android SDK, as well as going to the Options to pick the file locations for the SDK.

    Paul TOTH Are you saying that you did not have the Android SDK manager in your folder ?

  3. Richard Baroniunas before installing DX I had Android Studio, D6 DX7 and DX8, I’ve uninstall DX7 and start DX installation.

    DX didn’t see my Android device, so I’ve checked the options, and found that C:UsersPublicDocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio17.0PlatformSDKsandroid-sdk-windows contains only the two .EXE and the readme file, the sub directories were empty. Then I’ve used SDK Manager to download Build-tools, SDK Tools and SDK 23 (and updated Delphi Options from 22 to 23) 

    Is there any installation log file that I can check for any error ?

  4. I agree with Lars Fosdal, I have a few projects with both XE7 and XE8, #10Seattle  needs to have all various components updated along with Fast Reports or Quick Reports. 

    I did a uninstall with XE5 and it became a mess when I attempted to install / use XE6, I swore I rather leave the versions there until I clear out the machine.  I also have Android  Studio along with Eclipse for older stuff.

    i tend to put other programming languages on different notebooks (VS 2012/2013/2015) so that it does not affect my programming machine with Microsoft tool dumps.

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