3 thoughts on “Yep, college is fucked.

  1. These articles always make me so nervous. I’d like to think my investment as a student will be worth it; not being a student certainly wasn’t working. I’m hoping that enough focus will be put on education to improve that system, but it’s gonna take a loooot of change, and plenty of people don’t even want to talk about it. :/

  2. I tend to agree with most of the article.I figured this out in 1975 after a trial run.Leftist activism was the only thing being taught.Not interested.So I did the 2 year JC route in electronics,Got a electrical lineman apprenticeship,and pretty much average $120k a year.Almost ready to retire now.The issues I see are,kids are told you are too good to get your hands dirty,work,and learn a trade.Universities have become a jobs program first instead of learning institutes.A host of other issues.This is what makes it so costly.

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