9 thoughts on “The plans for the weekend just got modified, part II :)

  1. Elite? Is that the same as Xbox one 1TB? Love my Xbox btw, playing, then minimize the game, watch a series on the tv2 sumo app and then maybe turn off the Xbox. When I turn it on again the game just continues from where I left it 😀

  2. It’s a hybrid HDD/SSD 1TB disk – and it comes with the new Elite control with programmable buttons and four extra paddles.  I am still a bit uncertain about the UI – there are things which I find to be unnecessarily finicky with regards to what buttons or controls that move what.
    Perhaps the new Windows 10 OS for it which is due this month will make it more streamlined.

  3. Keda_P I used to be a PC gamer – but – it is just too costly to keep up with the Joneses if you want great graphics and max performance.  A good Gfx card alone can cost more than an XBox One. Now that I am growing old and slow – the XB1 will do 🙂

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